Cloud9’s Wild Rift roster revealed during the Summoner Series

While Cloud9 hasn’t officially announced its League of Legends: Wild Rift roster, the team was revealed during the first qualifier of the Summoner Series yesterday.

The North America organization, which has won the League Championship Series (LCS) four times, revealed last month that it’s signing a Wild Rift team. At the time, it unveiled the first player in the roster, Donovan “Zelo” Man, and opened tryouts for the remaining spots on the team.

During the first qualifier for circuit one of the Wild Rift Summoner Series, Cloud9’s roster featured Zelo (Baron lane), Tarzaned (jungle), Meals (mid lane), Jxcki (ADC), and Charm (support). Rie was the substitute for the team. According to Wild Rift Esports News on Twitter, the team has three coaches, Vyzeox, Pepe Tapia, and Nanovous.

It’s unclear why Cloud9 hasn’t revealed the final roster yet. The team page on the organization’s official website only shows Zelo as a player while LCS team manager Vincent Lewis is on the support staff. It’s possible that some changes could be made to the roster based on their performance.

C9 is one of two LCS organizations which have announced that they are entering Wild Rift, with the other being TSM FTX. While TSM has signed a Brazil based roster for the mobile MOBA game, C9 is looking for players locally.

C9 is having a great run in the first qualifier for the Summoner Series. The team won both their matches on the first day against Team Celestials and Brawl Stars Pro to top group A. They will now be continuing their run in the eight-team playoffs later today. Their first match is against 30K in the quarterfinals.

The top four teams of this qualifier will make it to the finals of the first circuit. They will be joined by another four teams from the second qualifier on Aug. 2 and 3. The finals will take place on Aug. 7 and 8 where a slot to the NA regional championship and $5,000 will be on the line.

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