Riot releases clip from upcoming League of Legends animated series, Arcane

Riot Games released a short clip of the upcoming League of Legends animated series, Arcane, on Weibo earlier today.

The clip runs for approximately two minutes and shows younger versions of Jinx and Vi sitting on a rooftop in their home city of Piltover. The two discuss childhood memories, and what it means to grow up in Piltover. Vi hands Jinx a spyglass and directs her all around the city, pointing out different landmarks and describing what memories she’s attached to them.



The clip ends with teenage Vi telling Jinx that she’s “stronger than she thinks” and that “one day, the city is going to respect [them].”

Another clip from Arcane, featuring older renditions of Jinx and Vi, was released back in June. The versions of the series’ two main characters showed in that snippet should be more recognizable to League of Legends players. 

With promotional material for Arcane seeing more frequent releases lately, Riot could announce an official release date for its upcoming animated series sometime in the future. Arcane is set to launch on Netflix this fall, but neither Netflix nor Riot Games have released an official date.

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