Riot to hold Sentinels of Light art exhibit in Shanghai

Riot Games will hold a physical, in-person art exhibit in Shanghai featuring art from League of Legends. The exhibit will run from July 30 to Aug. 3.

The art exhibit will feature thematic elements from the most recent season of League, with a split between the Sentinels of Light and Ruination theme. Some of the pieces on display include the various weapons each used by the canonical in-game Sentinels, such as Riven, Olaf, and the newly-released Akshan, in addition to the full-scale, three-dimensional map of Runeterra featured in the Sentinels of Light cinematic and in-game event. 

The Ruination side of the exhibit features a life-size rendition of Viego’s throne, as well as a full-scale version of his sword, the Blade of the Ruined King. 

In the images of the exhibit released online, there’s a clear difference between the Sentinels of Light side of the exhibit and the Ruination side. The dichotomy between the colorizations of the various pieces is obvious. The Ruination pieces are lined with the familiar spectral, green glow of the Black Mist from League, while the colors most prevalent in the Sentinels of Light pieces are gold and marbled white, similar to the Sentinels skins in-game. 

This marks Riot’s first event held in Shanghai since last season’s World Championship. Shanghai will also serve as one of the host cities for the 2021 League World Championship, which is set to begin later this year.

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