When will League’s gloomy yordle, Vex, be released?

The upcoming League of Legends champ may struggle with turning her frown upside down.

Vex is a brooding yordle that will use her shadow to dominate opponents. And today’s Ask Riot post finally gave an inclination on when the mage will hit the Rift.

Vex will come out in September “as long as everything goes as planned,” according to lead champion producer Ryan “Reav3” Mireles. The yordle was supposed to be released before Akshan but was delayed because the devs needed to create “new tech” to “visually sell her source of power.” With more time to perfect her shadow, fans can expect her Summoner’s Rift debut to come in the fall.

The mage made an appearance in the recent Sentinels of Light in-client story event, working with Viego to collect various items that contain Isolde’s soul. In the Freljord chapter, Vex claims that an “awful, ugly world is the only thing [she wants]”—and helping the Ruined King is certainly one way to achieve that.

Not much else has been revealed about Vex’s kit. But her gameplay identity shifted from an artillery mage to a classic mage. This likely suggests that Vex will be a mid laner who can potentially flex to support as well.

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